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Introducing Delmia

Improve your plant’s performance through the use of technological solutions for Industry 4.0 developed by Dassault Systèmes.

Teclógica is one of Dassault Systèmes’ VS (Value Solution) partners and an authorized reseller of DELMIA Ortems and Apriso factory floor solutions. Delmia is a digital manufacturing system manufactured by Dassault Systèmes. Together with the 3DExperience® platform, Delmia is able to integrate the physical and virtual world. Delmia provides a much more complete production experience, acting in the management and simulation of production.

Delmia Ortems

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). With Ortems,  planning for a full year of production can be carried out in just 30 minutes. Ortems is an intelligent solution offering superior performance and integrated planning.

Increased visibility through system simulations and collaboration between teams, helping to implement improvements.

Ability to react more quickly to changes in demand and unforeseen events, thereby avoiding delays in delivery.

Reduction in downtime and waiting periods, allowing managers to focus less on operations and more on strategic aspects of production.

Predictability and anticipation of logistics requirements, taking variables such as changes due to seasonality, for example.

With an excellent cost-benefit Delmia Ortems offers a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months.

Allows users to assess which deliveries and tasks are most urgent, thereby, organizing team activities and increasing the productivity.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) offering complete production management. Provides increased visibility, quality and traceability in production, consolidating different manufacturing cultures and implementing best practices across manufacturing plants.

Teclógica has been able to acquire a great deal of knowledge through past experiences, including in the areas of implementation, training, support and large group projects.

With greater synergy between branches and teams, it is possible to obtain standardization and allow for flexibility in processes in order to meet local requirements.

Complete traceability in production and operations and increased manufacturing quality through the alignment of procedures across departments

The use of MES systems allows for improvements in performance with regards to industry KPIs and reduced costs, especially when the system is integrated into other industrial technologies.

Manual tools are a thing of the past; they are not integrated and collaborative in nature. Delmia Apriso will allow you to transform your company into a smart digital plant.

Based on the Lean Manufacturing methodology, the platform focuses on the continuous improvement of systems and the factory's production chain.

Clients that have placed their trust in Teclógica

Our goal is to be an industry reference in production management at our plant. That is why we chose Teclógica as our partner. The company offers technical knowledge in the areas of infrastructure, databases, and applications that meet our planning needs. We are very satisfied with the results of our partnership. The company’s professionals completely lived up to our expectations. - Marcos Fassina, business process leader.
We needed to integrate systems so that the software on the factory floor was able to understood the role of new equipment implemented on the production line, which in this case was Prensa, as well as collect the information provided in order to continue the process. We therefore decided to work with Teclógica, which provided to have the expertise needed to manage and execute projects of this size. - Cledson Lanzilotti, Manufacturing Engineer.

Our solutions can take your business further.

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