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Team: Our Greatest Asset

Appreciation. There is no better way to define what we seek to pass on to each of our employees. Relationships are Teclógica’s greatest strength. They are what makes us human in the midst of so much technology and help guide the actions we take each day. As part of our ongoing search for new talent, we offer our employees with the support they need to develop projects with a high level excellence and feel as though their work is truly valued. We encourage the exchange of knowledge, professional and personal development, education and, above all, quality of life.

We care for the people that take care of your company

At Teclógica, we encourage the exchange of knowledge, professional and personal development, education and above all, quality of life.

We are constantly looking for new benefits, agreements and development opportunities for our teams. In addition, we offer resources so our employees can work from where they feel most productive and comfortable.

Benefits for all

Our employees receive incentives that encourage them to carry out their work without sacrificing their quality of life. Teclógica’s employees are able to take advantage of a Profit Sharing Program (PPLR), food/meal vouchers, home office or hybrid work, study bursaries, childcare, life insurance, extended parental leave, reduced working hours, health insurance without co-pay, among other benefits!

Agreements and partnerships across a wide range of sectors

We have partnerships with more than 30 companies across a wide range of sectors that allow us to improve the quality of our employees’ lives. These partners include retailers, restaurants, certified dental professionals, pharmacies, language schools, educational institutions, movie theaters, cultural associations, gyms and sports associations.

Investing in quality of life

Teclógica offers for those employees who choose to work at the compayny areas for rest and socializing, labor gymnastics (also online) and access to a library. We celebrate special dates, offer employees the day off on birthdays and have fun by competing in the Teclógica Olympics.

Growing together

Our management favors the sharing of lessons learned between the teams, as well as the celebration of achievements and special dates in our internal communication network.

In addition, we encourage training in English, adopting it as a second language within the company, through conversation meetings, classes with corporate groups and various agreements.

Teclógica values ​​and is concerned with the well-being of its employees, assists and encourages individual development, provides opportunities for growth and offers a pleasant and united work environment.

Estér Girão

Pre-Sales Coordinator

After 23 years at Teclógica, it’s gratifying to be part of a company that values ​​innovation. Each project brings new technologies, making the work always stimulating. Here, respect and collaboration are essential. Thank you for being part of Teclógica and contributing to the continuous growth of the company.

Antonio de Oliveira Junior

Infrastructure Architect

I feel extremely fulfilled, happy and honored to be working at Tec, because in addition to loving what I do, the company truly cares about my well-being, growth and the consistent improvements to the workplace environment.” 

Taiana Vitcoski

Sales Manager

Tec is a company that embraces and supports you both professionally and on an emotional level. At Teclógica, I received full support in terms of educational opportunities in my area and have since achieved a high level of professional development. I love working here!

Bruna de Miranda

Marketing Analyst
Lucas Schultz de Souza

I can tell that Tec really believes in its employees and actively seeks to leverage the skills offered by each individual at the company. Tec was truly the start of my professional life, and since then the company has allowed me to cut my teeth and really develop both personally and as a professional.

Lucas Schultz de Souza

Administrative Analyst
José Henrique da Silva

Teclógica is more than just a company; I think of it as a second family. I can see people striving to be better each day, to build the best possible Tec for all. I am very proud to be a part of this family and this is a feeling that I strive to spread throughout the company.”

José Henrique da Silva

Infrastructure Technician