Tailor-made Solutions

Experience and credibility to aid your team and focus on your real requirements while we monitor the IT assets.

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Contract Management

Create, edit and approve legal documents in one place, 100% online.

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Corporate Mobility

Handle the requirements of your company anywhere with only a few clicks.

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Corporate Communication

Another intelligent communication channel to expand your company’s dialogue from the inside out, starting with employees and ending with customer satisfaction.

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Optimization, flexibility and management. Improve your plant performance through technologies from Industry 4.0‘s world forerunner Dassault Systèmes.

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Managed services
of application

Application management

Teams organized by business knowledge and based upon the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) concept are at your disposal to manage the life cycle of your applications, identifying opportunities for improvement and always aiming at reducing incidents in the IT area.

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hours in service desk attendance
performed per month.

Reduced costs

Optimized IT assets and increased added value.

Business monitoring

Through dashboards, it is possible to have functional views of the customer’s business, identifying threats and bottlenecks which may generate financial and operating losses.

Specialized Help Desk

Options of 1st, 2nd and 3rd attendance levels as per the real requirement of your company.


Flexibility of transition and transformation of infrastructure and applications.

Active ombudsman

Ombudsman Service, responsible for receiving, forwarding and following up customer requests.

Focus on business

It allows the IT team to concentrate on its main competences.

Service levels

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – attendance as per your real requirements.

Software Factory

Customized solutions for your company, implemented by analysts, system developers and architects to ensure improved management and operating result.

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software projects handled which compose our range of cases consolidated.

Quality certification

Certification CMMi Level 2 for Development for development of software and services.

We are specialists

Specialization in several platforms, such as Android, iOS, Java, FlexNet and Oracle.

Function point

Use of the Function Point (FPA) metric for dimensioning the software.

Enterprise unified process

Interactive projects using the standard process of Teclógica based upon Enterprise Unified Process.


New production lines created in different technologies on demand.

Mobuss Plataforma

Create applications which handle the specific requirements of your company. Collect and transmit data in real time, from anywhere, and connect the functions which become necessary with time.

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strategy, efficiency and agility for your business.

Your business without frontiers

Analysis of information, decision-making and mobility for strategic operations, all in real time.

Reduction of failures

Quick and efficient communication process, standardizing the input of information in the company's systems.

Greater availability

Flexible to handle all the regions of the country, as it allows work online or offline with the same security and agility.


Eliminate the requirement of consuming paper and physical filing of information.


Guaranteed delivery of information.

Reduction of time

Optimized operation, preserving the company’s processes.

Greater Security

Less requirement of movement and less risk of accidents or loss of information.

In accordance with requirements

Create specific products or transfer parts of EISs (Enterprise Information Systems) to mobile devices.

Mobuss Construção

Mobility software for construction industry, developed to give more efficiency in the control and management of the work, from start until post construction. Mobuss Construção aims to simplify the collect, registration and access of information in real time, with or without internet, on the construction site or in the office. Everything your business needs to manage work from anywhere and anytime.

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increase in productivity in consolidated cases with the use of Mobuss.


Easy integration with any ERP, MS Excel and legacy systems.

Cloud computing

High availability, without requiring own servers.

Multi language

Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Pay monthly only for the users employed.

Multi company

Work with several companies of the same group.

Works wherever you are

Available online and offline.

Mobuss Construção Portal

It centralizes and manages all the information generated in a mobile device.

Mobuss TV

Solution for the potential of endomarketing, internal and external communication of your company. Transmitting transparent communication to the coworkers, customers and partners. Create your own communication channel, with customized contents based upon market indicators to communicate in a smarter and more efficient manner with your target group, optimizing the distribution and publication of the material of your actions and promotions.

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of professionals more committed
with Mobuss TV.

Independent Scheduling

Independent Scheduling

Create programming schedules totally segmented and in accordance with your target group.



Varied scheduling and at several points simultaneously.



It makes your communication more dynamic.

Quick implementation

Quick implementation

It suffices to connect the device to the TV and your system will be functioning.



Reduce the costs with printed announcements and bulletin board newspapers.

Greater scope

Greater scope

Attain more people with your communication.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Intuitive system which facilitates the work routine.



Create content directly on the platform, quickly and easily.

A solution for many functions

Digital Wall

Solution used to enhance the actions of internal communication in companies.

Digital Window

Solution used in shops and points of sale to inform customers and attract new consumers.

Indoor TV

Digital signage applied in places with high flow of people to disseminate content segmented to different audiences.


Contract management software, developed to facilitate the control of legal documents in companies. From creation to approval, InContract allows you to prepare, consult, edit, revise and approve a high volume of contracts, drafts and other legal documents, with agility and effective workflow. The centralization of documents in the InContract system reduces the chances of losses and rework, besides optimizing the management of the administrative, legal, supply to others departments.

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efficiency and organization
for the contract management of your company.

Tracking history that is not lost

Each step of the documents is registered in the platform and can be accessed by dashboard.

100% online editor

Documents can be created and edited online, including templates from Word files and minutes.

High security

Encrypted access to the system in a completely secure environment.

Cloud Storage

All files are stored in one place, without the need to use your own servers.

Multi-language support

Available in English, a Spanish and Portuguese, with an editor compatible with more than 60 languages for your business to go further.

Customizable approval flow

Flexible flow definition, allowing approval through mobile devices.

Unlimited documents

There are no limits to the number of documents generated or users who are allowed access.

Attachments in one place

You can attach contract-related files to the system, making it easy to organize your documents.

Integrate with other systems

More possibilities for the work flow by integrating the solution with other systems.

Performance reports

More information about department productivity and process agility.

Digital and electronic signature from anywhere in the world

Our integration with DocuSign® allows you to expand your business, leaving aside the physical signature and bureaucracy



From excel to Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), your one-year production planning, done in just 30 minutes with DELMIA Ortems. A smart solution for superior performance and integrated planning.

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time saving to do the planning


Through greater visibility through system simulations and team collaboration.


Ability to react more quickly to short-term demand changes and risks.


Reduction of idle and waiting time. Saves time for planning. More time for simulations and improved KPIs.


Be predictable and anticipate your logistics by seasonality changes, for example.


Great value for money with a system that enables a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) platform for complete production management. Enabling better visibility, quality, traceability by consolidating different manufacturing cultures and implementing best practices in all manufacturing plants.

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years of expertise with major clients.


Deployment, training, support and large group projects have given us a great deal of knowledge in experiences.


With greater synergy between branches and teams, it is possible to maintain process standardization with flexibility for local requirements.


Full traceability of production and operations with higher quality through procedures aligned across departments.


Performance improvement and cost reduction are results of an integration between MES and PLM systems together with company planning.


Give up the tools of the past that are manual, static, non-integrated, non-collaborative and time-consuming. With a tool that brings speed and simplifies processes.