Technology with excellence and commitment,
in your own way.

Cutting-edge humanization

Only those who live the technology on a daily basis can offer innovation to their customers. That´s why, at Teclógica, we go head-on into every project and integrate state-of-the-art technology into every part of the process - without ever losing our human side.
We are more than 120 thinking minds who were born with technology and seek the best of it, every day.

Team: our greatest good

Appreciation. No word can better define what we seek to pass on to each contributor.
The relationship is the strength of Teclógica, it is what makes us human amid so much technology and what guides us in the day to day. In our constant search for talents, we offer all the necessary support so that our collaborators can develop projects with excellence and feel their work valued. We encourage the exchange of knowledge, professional and personal development, education and, above all, quality of life.


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  • Food stamps
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Education aid
  • Life insurance
  • PACTO (Program of Support to the Occult Teclógica Employee)
  • Extended maternity leave
  • Childcare assistance


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  • We have more than 50 agreements with companies of the most varied segments.
  • Shops and restaurants
  • Dental cooperative and pharmacies
  • Language schools and educational institutions
  • Cinema and cultural associations
  • Gyms and sports clubs

Quality of life

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Quality of life

  • Rest and integration area
  • Library
  • Ergonomics
  • Labor gymnastics
  • Teclógica Olympics
  • Use of shorts
  • Chimarrão
  • Commemoration of special dates
  • Vaccination campaign

Human development

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Human development

  • Management by guidelines
  • Leadership training group
  • CORE - Commitment, Results Orientation, Relationship and Excellence
Want to be part of our team? Work with us!

Foundation of Teclógica in Blumenau - SC

In June 1994, Clovis Murilo Vasselai started the activities of Teclógica, with the responsibility of managing Souza Cruz's operations, along with a team of six people.


Creation of the first software factory

The software factory was created for software development projects and innovative solutions for the market.


Creation of the Teclógica University

In order to specialize our human capital, the university offers internal technical and operational training and training for the management of the company.


Achievement of CMMI Level 2 for Development Certification

Certification in the Integrated Model of Maturity in Training focused on the process of developing products and services.


Launch of the Mobuss Platform

The Mobuss Platform was launched, with the objective of providing the development of mobile solutions for the market. Corporate television enter the portfolio of the company.


CMMI Level 2 Certification for Services, launches Mobuss Construção

First company with 100% Brazilian capital to achieve certification focused on service delivery processes. Year also in which the Mobuss Construção was launched, mobility software for the construction sector and new sales channels are opened to meet this demand.


Recognized as Best IT Supplier by AES Brasil Group

The “Best Suppliers AES Brasil” award recognizes, among 3600 suppliers from all over Brazil, the best partners in the group. In its third edition, 181 suppliers were eligible, of which 57 were finalists in 11 categories, covering the different departments of the power generators.


Completes 20 years offering IT solutions

Already consolidated in the market, it completes its 20 years with 200 employees, around 2000 projects delivered and more than 60 clients.


Closed the year with 99 clients and revenues of R$ 20 million

Growth in revenue and customer portfolio. Reflection of hard work, commitment and focus on market needs.


81% satisfaction index in the Climate Survey for Great Place to Work

Teclógica receives an average of 81% professional satisfaction in GPTW research applied to the company's employees. This shows the commitment to employees and the responsibility to make Teclógica a great company to work with.


First national capital company to be a CSI partner of Dassault Systèmes

Teclógica became the first CSI (Consultant Services & Integrator) company of national capital to be a partner of Dassault Systèmes, a multinational French company. In the same year, Mobuss TV and Mobuss Construção’s Projects and Registry Modules were launched.


Launch of a new solution for contract management

In addition to the new Mobuss Construção’s Appropriation Module, Teclógica has also launched InContract, its newest solution to facilitate the control of contracts and legal documents in companies.


We became Dassault's VS partners and launched the 10th Mobuss Construção module.

After services successfully performed, with customer recognition and Dassault, we became partners VS (Value Solution) of Dassault Systèmes with resale of DELMIA Ortems and Apriso. In addition, the Mobuss Construção Inputs module was launched, making the solution more and more complete in the construction segment.

For us, doing the best we can is the least we should do.

Teclógica is much more than technology of information we are the sum of the commitment of each person that works here, translated in trust, relationship and dedication to our clients. Indifference is not an option! We get deeply involved with the business environments we serve and the people who are there.

Gilmar Tamanini - President of Teclógica


Understand our customers and ensure the best delivery and result for your needs.


To be a reference in the products and services of Information Technology and Communications.


Commitment, results orientation, relationship and excellence.

Who trusts Teclógica


Invest in someone
committed to results

For more than 20 years, our commitment and human relationship have joined together to offer vast experience in technology to our customers.

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